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SML18+ Sex doll (not inflatable), TPE material, multiple height options, alloy skeleton adjustment

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Sex doll (not inflatable), made of TPE, various height options, alloy skeleton adjustment

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Shocking Video

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If you have any questions, please contact customer service-WhatsAPP+8613828606162

💗Sex dolls will be great companions for erotic fun! She anticipates your deepest wishes and is always ready to fulfill them. Sex toys can be used for both vaginal and anal sex. The doll's body is made of tactile materials and looks very realistic.

💗Built-in skeleton, very stable, you can adjust different postures according to your own preferences, freeing your hands!

💗Environmentally friendly - Made of silicone, non-toxic, odorless, soft, healthy and elastic. Like real leather.

💗In order to give you the best experience, it is recommended to use lubricant during use.

💗Rinse with water and dry any water stains after use. Apply protective powder for reuse.

💗Confidentiality guaranteed. We attach great importance to customer privacy, so we use neutral packaging without any labels or text, and do not disclose product information, so please feel free to buy. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

1. It is prohibited to bend the limbs, sit or stand for a long time outside the factory. Standing is prohibited on non-standing models. If you need functional models, please contact customer service for customization. The customization time is 1-2 days. It is prohibited to maintain a 180-degree posture with the legs and to raise the arms. If a non-standing model were to stand, the foot bones would pierce the skin, exposing the skin. It should be returned to its proper position as soon as possible after use. (Due to the shape of the product, you need to manually measure the height of the doll and straighten the toes for measurement. Please refer to our store's measurement method. The manual measurement error is about 1-3cm)
2. Due to the nature of the material, it can get dirty easily, so do not wear dark clothes. Cream stains can handle minor stains reasonably well, but they are difficult to completely remove large stains.
3. It is forbidden to rinse the vagina with the faucet, and it is also forbidden to wash the face in large areas. If there are blemishes on your face, you can use a cotton swab dipped in cleansing oil and slowly remove it.
4. Do not touch the skin with knives or other sharp objects to avoid scratches. Never burn in fire and keep away from sources of fire. This material is highly flammable.
5. Do not use strong irritating liquids such as disinfectants and alcohol for disinfection and cleaning. People with allergies should conduct a series of tests on product materials before use.
6. Do not store upright. If the eyes look different sizes, you can manually adjust the eyeballs (pull down to a smaller size, then stretch to a larger size). When purchasing a wig separately, try to purchase a white inner net.
7. The doll is made according to the face shape and height you choose (we will start production 1-2 hours after placing the order. Once production starts, we do not support returns or refunds. If you need to return, please contact us. Materials will be deducted 40% of cost)
8. The appropriate temperature for cleaning the doll is below 40 degrees Celsius. Shower gel, soap, and linen can all be washed. During the cleaning process, it is best to wipe the head with a wet towel. Water cannot enter the surface of the neck, otherwise it will easily cause rust and affect the use and appearance. Can be washed immediately from the neck down. The dispenser can be used to clean the vagina and anus repeatedly. Do not wash your vagina directly with the tap. There is a waterproof ball deep in the vagina that is held on to screws with glue. Over-washing may cause it to fall off. If it comes off, dry your vagina and reattach it.
9. Nursing doll: The doll's body is equipped with various joints and can be put into different postures within a certain range. However, since the product is in a naturally straight position when it leaves the factory, the doll cannot be placed or stored in a high-precision curved position for a long time to avoid deformation and damage. 
10. Please take care of him and don't use violence.